The Mukthi Bike Challenge 2018 was held from October 27 – 3 November and had 13 riders riding on ten bikes.  The group rode just under 2000 Kilometres and were accompanied by a street theatre team that performed on 8 occasions including in schools, colleges, a hospital and in many public places.  There was huge media coverage in both the national and local media including segments on TV news channels and articles in newspapers which all helped to get the message to a wider audience that we need to keep our children safe from traffickers.


The Ride

For Freedom

2018 Mukthi Bike
Ride Challenge


Jeremy Matheson, one of our overseas rider vlogged his expereience at MBC 2018.

Moments From
Past Ride

This Year's Ride

Ride For Freedom

Mukthi Bike Challenge 2020 is from 28th November – 2nd December 2020.

Choose any route and distance to ride!

This year, due to COVID-19, we will not have a group ride from Bangalore to Mumbai to avoid risks of infection. Instead we are introducing an event that gives you the freedom to choose your ride. Every year, we cover over 1500 kilometers but this year, you can choose to ride any route and kilometers. We will provide you with branding material like T-shirts, flags, stickers etc.

During the ride, the rider is expected to take a selfie with the bike and create a one minute video, sharing their experience on the ride and why they are riding for Mukthi (Freedom).

Mukthi Bike Challenge will be held from 28th November 2020 to 2nd December 2020, in which 3 days are dedicated for riding. We will dedicate 1st December 2020 for a webinar to create awareness on ‘Anti-human Trafficking’, followed by a virtual closing ceremony with the riders on 2nd December 2020.

In preparation for the ride, we encourage the riders to launch an online campaign to raise support for Oasis India. The money raised through this event will go into the grassroots work to prevent human trafficking and to create wholesome, vibrant communities where every man, woman and child is celebrated and respected.

Oasis India Working
To Bring Freedom

From Modern Slavery

Oasis India works in a number of different communities that are impacted by human trafficking and modern slavery.  Its interventions include the protection of vulnerable children at high risk as well as working with women who are enslaved in the sex industry.  Oasis India assists them to gain their freedom, to move into a place of safety and to learn skills that lead to alternative employment.  Oasis India also works to intercept children who are either being brought into Mumbai to be enslaved or who are vulnerable to being picked up by traffickers once they arrive in the city.



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